Did you know that the first hoodie was made in the 1930s? The US company Champion was originally the first creator of the hoodie.

The hoodie had a special reason to be there as it was meant to keep workers warm during the cold American winters. After that, they supplied the US army to keep soldiers warm during training and exercises.

The hoodie then made a transition from practical clothing to a versatile personal fashion item in a similar way to polo shirts and letterman jackets.


However, one blockbuster changed the entire history of the hoodie: ROCKY in 1976. Filmed in Philadelphia, Sylvester Stalone and the iconic scene of him running to the top of the stairs made the beige classic sweatshirt not only the perfect workout accessory but a desirable article of clothing. 


From this, a lot of universities used the hoodie/sweatshirt as a great way to expand their influence and use it as a powerful tool for promoting the university name. It is so successful that we still see collegiate hoodies today inspiring fashion loungewear.


Nowadays, hoodies are a fashion statement that can go with every outfit and transform any look to suit your mood. Mark Zuckerberg even wore a hoodie while launching Facebook, proving you really can wear a hoodie on any occasion!

February 14, 2023 — Lucie Mandoul