Born in New Zealand, Shosai represents a pursuit of passion outside of his profession.

“From when I first started thinking of the designs, I realised very quickly how particularly I felt about all the small details in each garment: from how I wanted each piece to fit, all the way down to how I wanted the stitching to look. I genuinely love fashion and it’s been a dream of mine to do something like this for as long as I can recall. I am proud to be able to share a passion and creativity that isn’t necessarily in line with what people expect from me. I hope that by doing this, it provides encouragement for athletes, and people in general, to feel confident in pursuing passions outside of what they are labelled to do.”

Quade Cooper

Following your passions

Quade Cooper has played professional rugby all over the world, represented Australia in the international rugby union and currently plays for Japan's Hanazono Kintetsu Liners.

A journey not to be feared

SHOSAI is about living a love outside of what you are, rather than hiding behind the fear of failure or judgement.